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by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

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Read all about Us!

Many thanks to Julie Maude for choosing to write about us and getting it printed in “Expat Ladies in Bangkok”.

The Book Cafe

IMG_7213A second hand book shop is like an old curiosity shop. Inside, might be a treasure trove of histories, stories and chronicles yet to be discovered, by you.

It is a wonderful feeling for any bookworm, to discover a gem tucked away on some dusty shelf, amongst a hotchpotch concoction of narratives.

In this epoch of mass online communication, a cyber network has spread across the globe in an expeditious attempt to permeate all walks of life. Yes, the knowledge era is now upon us and with it a wealth of information lay at our fingertips. A by-product of such technological advances is the Kindle.

Of course a Kindle can be very practical, not least, for people travelling. But for many booklovers, there can be no real substitute for the physical sensation of holding and turning the pages of a book.

It is this love of books that helped inspire Phuket resident, Bev Sangsuwan (45) to open up her own Book Café. The Book Café is the perfect sanctuary away from Phuket’s merciless roads, where you can browse through book titles whilst sipping coffee and enjoying the ambience.


Bev came to live in Phuket nine years ago after having visited Thailand a year previous to that. She had become jaded with her support-teaching job of five years, back in the UK and desperately craved new surroundings. So, after finishing off the academic year in 2004, Bev completed a CELTA course at Manchester Academy and left the UK later that year with an English teaching certificate and a brimful of anticipation for the unknowable future.

The following six years, Bev worked hard, teaching English to kindergarten children at three different schools. But once again, over time, she became enveloped with a feeling of ennui. A change was needed; new stimulation, different challenges. It was around this time, as she was finishing her final teaching job that the Book Café concept began to germinate.

Making ends meet by writing online for a smorgasbord of companies did nothing to abate the coffee and books combo idea which continually resonated in her mind. She and a friend would drive the length and breadth of Phuket researching coffee/ book establishments and hunting for suitable premises to set up.

They found a splendid little house in Naiharn, on the Sai Yuan/Kata Road. Bev and her husband of three years moved in, January 2011 and so the Book Café became more tangible in its conception.

For six months, Bev set about preparing the launch of her new business venture. It had to be registered by a Thai national which meant that Bev had to register it in her husband’s name. There were many things to consider from licences to furniture to kitchen equipment and of course, books. Most of the furniture came from house sales and friends donating items. The books were all recycled too; Bev received donations which she could add to the ones she had accumulated herself. The chief expenditure was in procuring a state of the art coffee machine.


Bev’s sister, Cara, was over from the UK for the Book Café opening and proved her worth in gold during her three month stay. She took charge of the baking and cooking whilst Bev dealt with refreshments. Bev admits that it took a while to get used to strangers walking in and out of her home and initially, the thought of making a sandwich for someone was terrifying. These fears were soon dispelled as the sisters put their heads together and created fresh new and innovative recipes for juices and smoothies. It was trial and error but with perseverance, they produced a range of incredibly delicious ‘Naked Juices’ with no added ingredients. And things have been evolving ever since.

Bev now makes her own granola, mango and strawberry jam, salad dressings and quiches. The menu is growing with an assortment of healthy snacks and a new breakfast combo has just been introduced. There is also a juice detox programme; customers tend to follow a 3-6 days course. Bev shops for the ingredients, makes the juices and then delivers them fresh everyday to the customer.

The Book Café also stocks a range of organic health products such as bee pollen, chia seeds, raw cacoa beans, coconut oil and wheatgrass seeds, some of which Bev uses in her recipes. There is also a collection of ethnic, Thai style gifts including, jewellery, cards, bags, scarves and a small selection of clothing.

Community projects have become an integral component of the Book Café identity by hosting regular workshops. Locals can attend photography, yoga, flower arrangement and reiki workshops, amongst others. Bev wants the Book Café to be accessible to all of her locals whether they be ex-pat or Thai members of the neighbourhood. Recently, she catered at Naiharn Art Village which attracts a diverse mixture of people from the surrounding areas, to its monthly fairs.

Several musical events have also been held at the Book Café, the most recent one being a classical, northern Indian music performance. Bev would like more events of this kind in the future but she also has aspirations for an even wider cultural dimension that would see opera and plays staged in the Book Café’s sloping gardens, and regular movie nights featuring old black and white films or arthouse shows.

Although, Bev does insist that it is still all about the books. She loves the idea of someone coming into her little Book Café and making golden discoveries of works that had long been sought, works that might not be downloadable, works that had been forgotten by but a few. They are all second hand paper, already used and so not detrimental to the environment. Each book has its own unique history; where has it come from, who previously turned its pages? These nuances of bookishness cannot be experienced using a kindle. And reading an inscription from times past in the front of a book never fails to arouse the curiosity of a reader. When asked by Polonius what he read, Hamlet of course answered, “Words, words, words”.


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chia seeds

chia seeds are great for extra energy, hydration, and rich in Omega-3

chia seeds are great for extra energy, hydration, and rich in Omega-3

Chia seeds are a superfood and have loads of health benefits. Put them in your smoothie or shake, sprinkle them on your cereal or add them to a bottle of water.  Check out the link below for more information.


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Stay Healthy with Nutrient-packed Foods

We try to stay as healthy as possible here at the Book Cafe, although if you follow us on facebook you’ll see we do like our treats now and then! There is some great information in this link about which foods have the most nutrients and are really good for you. You can take them in all kinds of ways, and the good news is that we have many of them available to buy in store! The organic spirulina, moringa, and organic chia seeds are well-known superfoods that are essential for those who come to Phuket to train and get fit.

Check out the link below and see what they say!


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Into Day 5 of the Juice Detox

Its 9 am Thursday morning, going into the 5th day of my Juice Detox at the Book Cafe. I feel so good that I want to do another 7 days…the changes I feel at the moment are indescribable..I am losing all the water that I stored in my system from products like bread and pasta that cause inflammation , my mood is good and my energy is up.

Day 5 Detox

Day 5 Detox

Yesterday was day 4 and the hardest part of the day was between 3-5. I had to do other stuff to get my head out of the food eating process…so i made some green tea and water with lime and cayenne pepper to shrink my stomach and to do something…after that it was fine.

I am reading a lot about all this stuff the last few days and I heard that you will go through different emotions while you are detoxing and that you need to monitor these states of mind and body. Well I am going through them all….anger, irritation, happiness, feeling tired, feeling like I can run a marathon, tired, pain in my stomach, no bowel movements, lots of bladder movements, muscle cramps but especially the aching in my neck….apparently this is where I store all my stress and during a detox that gets magnified..WOW you can say that…hopefully that’s gone by day 8.

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Day 1…Follow Simone’s diary of a 7 day Juice detox

Juice detox Phuket

Juice detox Phuket

Right…day 1 is done. I have to say that it was difficult throughout the day, but when I look back at it (as you always do) it was not that bad at all. The worst time is when you sit next to someone who is eating, or walking through the shopping mall where they constantly throw food senses at you.

The juices themselves taste wonderful and not one of them is bad. Now i am kind of used to the whole juicing thing so I know what to expect. If you are a person that is scared of fresh vegetables but you need to because your doctor says you need to change your diet, or if you want to get rid of that floppy belly, even adding fresh veggie juices to your diet will help tremendously.

So my first advise…lock yourself in a room by yourself or better with someone who is doing the same thing as you. Stay away from markets and shopping malls and go to bed as early as possible so you don’t have to listen to the rumbling in your stomach the whole night…

Now just started day 2 with my first juice of the day and it tastes sooooo good. Your taste buds get too sensitive…..just don’t want to finish it.

Catch you tomorrow

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June 2013 Detox 7 days Juicing

Our juice detox is thanks to the programme run by Mike Edwards of Thailand Weight Loss who have a lot of success with it.

Simone started her 7 day juice detox at The Book Cafe in Rawai, Phuket today. She came in this morning and had her first juice of the day which is a lovely green one full of vegetables, a great start to the day! We will follow her progress over the week as she writes us a report about her  experience via our Facebook page. She wants to do a detox to lose a few pounds and in an attempt to restore her energy levels. Good luck to Simone!

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